Los Angeles Whale Watching Tours Located in San Pedro -- About Us

los angeles whale watchingWhen L.A. Waterfront Cruises began more than 18 years ago, we wanted to provide our customers with the best whale watching for Santa Monica and Malibu of Southern California (located in Long Beach, CA). Thousands of satisfied customers later, we continue to stand by that commitment.

L.A. Waterfront Cruises was the brainchild of Dan Salas. During his youth, Danny developed a fondness for the sea. By the age of 12, he was working on the docks in San Pedro and later became a tug boat captain. During this, his love of the sea only grew stronger. After 10 years as a tug boat captain, Dan decided he wanted to share his love of the sea and its beautiful creatures with others. He began to conduct whale watching tours. He bought his first boat and thus L.A. Waterfront Cruises was born.

Danny has always had a love for the ocean. As early as 12, Dan worked on the docks of San Pedro. Later in life, he became a tug boat captain. To Dan, there was nothing better than being on the ocean. While he enjoyed the tug boats, he felt the need to give others the opportunity to enjoy what he loved so much. He bought his first boat and conducted his first L.A. Waterfront whale watching tour. Throughout the years, Danny continued to make sure each customer received the best experience possible.

He made sure that his captains and crew were the best in the business. He not only wanted people to see whales, but learn about them as well. That is why every L.A. Waterfront Cruise includes a biologist from the Aquarium of the Pacific. You get the opportunity to not only see these magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings, you will learn about their migratory patterns, behavior traits and what and how much they eat. L.A. Waterfront Cruises also offers more tours than anyone else in the area to make sure your next Los Angeles whale watching experience is not only enjoyable, but convenient as well.

Danny has continued to increase the enjoyment of his customers by offering some of the best amenities aboard his ships.

Whale Watching Los AngelesChristopher is the crown jewel of L.A. Waterfront Cruises. It is the first ship in Southern California built specifically for whale watching. Introduced in 2005, Christopher offers features and comforts that are setting the trend for whale watching in Los Angeles. With a cruising speed of 20 knots, Christopher can cover twice as much ocean as the competition. It also includes features such as:

Stadium seating on the boat. Salon equipped with two 52” plasma televisions. Ability to cover twice the ocean of other tours. Available snack and beverage service. Can carry up to 150 passengers.

Whale Watching In Los Angeles Kristina came to us from a touring company in the Bay Area. This 85 foot double decker has recently undergone a San Pedro Whale Watching remodel to upgrade the interior as well as the engine.

Remodeled Interior. Low emission engine. Inside and outside seating with excellent observation points. Available snack and beverage service. Can carry up to 150 passengers.

Los Angeles Whale Watching ToursKarin Lynn was introduced in 2003 to the L.A. Waterfront Cruise family. The 65 foot ship has two decks and can accommodate up to 149 passengers.

Whale Watching Los Angeles CaliforniaCaroline became a member of the fleet in 2002. She has two decks and can carry up to 100 passengers.

Whale Watching In Los Angeles CAGail Force is the first L.A. Waterfront Cruise ship. The 49 foot ship carries up to 49 passengers. To begin your L.A. Waterfront Cruise adventure, please give us a call at 310-547-9916 for more information or to schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you soon.