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Southern Cailfornia Whale Watching -- Best Whale Watching Experience in California!

Los Angeles Whale Watching -- Testimonials

The Whale Watching Cruise went GREAT. All 40 of our residents had a great time. We were all excited to see the Grey Whale, along with the 2 different species of dolphins, seal lions, and jelly fish. We had a few of our residents compliment your 2 "expert" staff on board. I enjoyed hearing facts I did not know about the different animals we saw. You can definitely expect us back next year. We always have a good time, especially when we actually get to see a whale, haha. See you next year.
-Roy Contreras, City of Cerritos, January 2011

We saw TONS of dolphins and a Pacific Grey Whale mother+calf pair. I only got one decent pic. They're slippery little suckers! Was a *fabulous* day - great boat and crew.
-Jenni Drew, March 2011

You were the best! We had a great time. I am glad we saw a whale and some dolphins. We hope to go again next year.
-Mrs. Herbert, January 2011

From the second I stepped foot on the whale watching cruise ship I was overcome with bliss. The sailing out into the sea was gorgeous in itself and the first sighting of the whale took my breath away. What a wonderful creature to see up close. We followed not one, but two whales, who rose so perfectly from the water like synchronized swimmers. The ooohs and aaahs echoed in the background as I gazed in amazement. What an amazing way to spend an afternoon! I'm already planning many more whale watching adventures for the future and I can't stop raving about it to all my friends!
-Annie May (Venice, CA) February 2011

The whale watching trip was definitely the highlight of my recent trip to Long Beach. it was breathtaking to catch these huge animals on their long migration all the way from the Bering sea. having never seen a whale before up close and personal, it was quite a treat to encounter not one, but two of these majestic creatures. I've recommended this adventure to all of my sea loving friends in southern California.
- Chris, Trinidad February 2011

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