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Southern California Bottle Nose Dolphin Description

The Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the many amazing creatures of the ocean you will be able to witness firsthand when you go dolphin watching in Los Angeles. Of all the dolphins, the Bottlenose is the most recognizable from television shows such as Flipper and attractions such as Sea World. They are varying grays of color, usually being a darker gray from the head to a lighter gray at the tail. Their underneath is a white color. Their long snout is the trait for which they were named. Their blowhole is located on the top of the head. Adult Bottlenose Dolphins can grow to about 13 feet in length and can weigh upwards of 1400 lbs. Male bottlenose dolphins tend to be longer and weigh considerably more than the females. Newborns are usually about 3 feet long and weigh about 45 lbs. Bottlenose dolphins have about 20 teeth on each side of the jaw. Its method of propulsion is my moving its flukes up and down and using its pectoral flippers to steer. Bottlenose Dolphins have been known to live up to about 40 years but most have a life expectancy of about 20.

Southern California Bottlenose Dolphin Behavior

Bottlenose dolphins tend to travel in groups known as pods of about 15. Female bottlenose dolphins tend to live together in groups with their young. At times these groups will merge and form larger pods of up to 100 dolphins and in rare occasions, be as large as 1000. The male bottlenose dolphin has a tendency to travel in smaller groups while joining the larger pods for short amounts of time. Bottlenose dolphins seem to be very curious and helpful towards humans. There have been instances in which they have rescued divers who were hurt or protected them from attacks by other predators of the sea. They have even been known to help and rescue other animals. However, the bottlenose dolphin is a predator and can be very aggressive. They will fight with each other for status in the pod as well as for female dolphins. They have been known to show aggressive behavior towards sharks, certain whales and even smaller dolphins. During mating season, their behavior becomes more aggressive towards each other as the males establish their dominance through a series of acts which include butting heads. Bottlenose dolphins are also incredibly smart. The militaries of the U.S. and Russia have trained dolphins for tasks such as locating sea mins as well as finding enemy divers. Because they are difficult to detect by radar and are often overlooked as being harmless. They are fitted with equipment that can boost their normal sonar, giving it the ability to detect harmful devices.

Southern California Bottlenose Dolphin Feeding Habits

Bottlenose Dolphins primary diet is fish along with squid and crustaceans. While they have teeth, they do not chew their food. The teeth are used only to secure their catch. Dolphins will many times work in tandem to herd the fish so they have more food. They will also hunt by themselves going after bottom dwellers. Bottlenose dolphins have also used a technique in which they will smack the fish with their fluke, stunning the fish and making it easier for the Bottlenose to catch and eat it. They will also follow fishing vessels, taking advantage of high concentrations of fish that don’t make it into the fishing nets. However this is a problem because many times they get caught in the fishing nets.

Los Angeles Dolphin Watching conducts dolphin and whale watching tours seven days a week with tours at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.  You might want to arrive a little early because these tours are popular and do fill up quickly.  Tours usually last from two to two and a half hours.  Ticket prices are as follows:

Individual Ticket Prices – Two Hour to 2 ½ Hour Cruise
Adults $35
Seniors (62 and over) $30
Children (11 and under) $25
Children (2 and under) FREE!

Ticket Prices for groups of 25 or more.
Adults $25
Seniors (62 and over) $20
Children (11 and under) $15
Children (2 and under) FREE!

You can order your tickets online by clicking the button, Click Here or calling 562-432-4900.  If you have a discount coupon, please present it at the ticket booth.

We look forward to seeing you and continuing to make Los Angeles Dolphin Watching your choice for dolphin and whale watching in southern California.  We offer convenient parking and are located near many area attractions such as The Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach Lighthouse and Queen Mary as well as excellent shopping and restaurant so you can make a day of it.  A dolphin watching cruise is a wonderful experience regardless of age.  We can’t wait to provide the best dolphin watching in southern California experience possible. 

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