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Southern California Minke Whale Description

The Minke whale is the smallest of all the baleen whales and is known to be is pretty great abundance. Minke whales are often a popular target for whale watching expeditions. The Minke does not usually get larger than 6-8 meters in length and does not usually reach a weight in excess of 4-5 tons. Although there have been some Minke whales which have reach weights in excess of 13 tons; however, this is very rare. A Minke whale can be identified fairly easily because the body is black or dark gray and it is white on its belly. When a Minke whale surfaces, it usually shows it dorsal fin, blow hole and most of the length of its back at one time. The Minke whale travels up to about 13-15 mph and generally deep dive between 2 and 20 minutes.

Southern California Minke Whale Population

The overall population of the Minke whale has been disputed. Most experts agree that the population is around 338,000. But, some estimates have the Minke whale at about 900,000 worldwide. Often times, the Japanese whaling industry advocates for the larger numbers. The International Whaling Committee may adjust the estimates of the Minke in the near future.

Southern California Minke Whale Feeding Habits

The Minke whale is classified as a baleen whale, which means it has a baleen. The baleen acts kind of like a sieve which helps it to capture small sea animals, including microscopic plankton. Minke whales feed on variety of small fish such as herring and capelin. When pressed for food, the Minke will feed on whatever is abundant at the time to maximize their growth.

Southern California Minke Whale Migratory Patterns

Minke whales are fairly abundant and are usually found in most of the world’s oceans, except in the tropical regions. There is really not too much data with regard to the Minke whales’ migratory pattern, although they are known in North America to migrate from Canada down to California.

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