Information About Sea Lions in California

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Long Beach California Sea Lion Watching

Southern California Sea Lion Description

The California Sea Lion is a highly intelligent animal which is often used in the circus and also in the navy to protect divers and ships. A modern characteristic of the California Sea Lion is that it is adaptable and is able to adapt to manmade environments. The California Sea Lion can grow quite large, up to 8 feet long and to over 600 lbs. They have a pointed muzzle and look similar in their head to a dog. A primary reason that they are called sea lions is that they actually have manes which are not as well developed as the manes of other sea lions such as the Steller Sea Lion or the American Sea Lion. The average life span of a California Sea Lion is 17 years but ironically, they live longer in captivity, a stark contrast to other sea creatures such as whales.

Southern California Sea Lion Population

The population for the California Sea Lion is estimated to be approximately 188,000. Their population has been steadily increasing in the last decade at a rate of approximately 5% a year. This has not always been the case though. In the late 1920’s, only a little over 1200 sea lions were counted off the coast of California. The main cause of the reduction of the sea lion population was because of commercial harvesting. In the 1940’s, commercial harvesting was curtailed, which helped to gradually increase the population of the sea lion. Today, the population of California Sea Lions is probably more robust than it has ever been.

Southern California Sea Lion Feeding Habits

The California Sea Lion feeds on a variety of different foods or sea life, mainly consisting of squid and fish. The main types of fish a California Sea Lion will eat are salmon, anchovies, herring, rock fish, and market squid. On average, a male California Sea Lion can eat over 7500 pounds of food per year, while the female will eat about 3000 lbs per year. In search of food, the California Sea lion will travel and can exist for long periods of time in fresh water. They are mainly searching for salmon. Some of the rivers a California Sea Lion has been found are the Willamette River, the Columbia River and also in Puget Sound.

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