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Long Angeles Whale Education Center

los angeles whale watching toursLos Angeles Whale Watching is an opportunity to be able to see the wondrous creatures that are whales in their natural habitat. While many of us know about whales from watching a documentary or reading a book on whales, it is always better when you can experience it for yourself. Our California Whale Watching cruises will give you an experience that no book or movie can.

When Whale Watching in Los Angeles, we will make sure you get to learn about many of the interesting traits that make Whale Watching Los Angeleswhales so unique. You will get to learn about their behaviors, feeding patterns and when and why they migrate. Gray Whale watching season starts once they make their way to the waters of southern California from December until about mid May. Blue Whale season is from June to about mid October and many times all the way up until December. The Blue Whale is the larget mammal on the planet. There are also opportunities to see Fin Whales from March through October and Humpback and Killer Whales at various times of the year.

When you decide to go Whale Watching in Los Angeles, you will learn about what makes whales unique. Our staff of experts include a biologist from The Aquarium of the Pacific so you will be getting current and accurate information, not just something that was read out of a book. You will also learn about dolphins, seals, sea lions or any other denizen of the deep that crosses our path. We make it our goal that you have an experience that is educational as well as enjoyable.

Los Angeles Whale WatchingLos Angeles Whale Watching is an journey that anyone can enjoy, no matter the age. Bring the family, friends or anyone else to enjoy an unforgettable experience. We have included some basic information on the types of whales, dolphins or other creaturs you could see when you go Whale Watching in Los Angeles with Harbor Breeze Cruises.

Southern California Whale Watching

Whale watching in Los Angeles is an experience of a lifetime. That is why for 18 years, Harbor Breeze Cruises has been the choice for Los Angeles whale watching. Located in downtown Long Beach, we have set the standard for whale watching in Los Angeles and the southern California area.

Our Whale Experts in Long Beach Help to Educate!

A LA Whale cruise means you won’t just go out on a boat and look at whales. We want you to learn about these magnificent creatures’ behaviors, migratory patterns and what they like to eat.

Whale Watching Boats -- Custom Made!

A whale watching cruise in Southern California through Harbor Breeze also has the distinction of being the first Los Angeles whale watching service to own a boat custom made for whale watching.

Blue Whales, Gray Whales, Killer Whales & more...

Summer brings one of the most spectacular happenings in whale watching, the blue whale migration. Blue whales are the largest animal on the planet.

Marine Biologists on almost every tour! Questions?

When you have a knowledgeable staff, a biologist from the Aquarium of the Pacific, boats designed specifically for whale watching and the nicest amenities, you get the clear choice for your next California whale watching adventure, Harbor Breeze Cruises.

Let Us Be Your Los Angeles Tourist Destination

A Southern California whale watching adventure is truly something different and inspiring. If you do it once, it is almost a guarantee that you will want to do it again. You will leave with a great experience and stories that your friends and family won't believe.

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