Los Angeles Whale Watching News & Sightings

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FRIEDMAN: Krill attract whales, hurt fishing
posted last 9/08/2011
Philip Friedman Outdoors
posted last 9/05/2011
FRIEDMAN: Blue Whales
posted last 9/02/2011
Blue whales spotted off Long Beach, Redondo
posted last 9/01/2011
Ship to Search Sperm Whales Sighted Yesterday off Long Beach
posted last 8/19/2011
FRIEDMAN: Warmer water has fish biting
posted last 8/4/2011
Mom and Baby Blue Whale Sighting
posted last 7/22/2011
Humpback whale saved in the Sea of Cortez caught on tape
posted last 7/16/2011
Blue Whales Enthrall off the Coast
posted last 6/20/2011
Whales Put on Show off O.C. Coast
posted last 6/19/2011
Summer Fishing is Heating Up
posted last 6/18/2011
FRIEDMAN: White seabass biting like crazy
posted last 6/16/2011
Blue whales make incredible showing off Long Beach
posted last 6/16/2011
Early blue whale sightings made off Southern California
posted last 4/25/2011
Huge Fin Whales Make a Show of It off Long Beach
posted last 4/5/2011
Sighted: First Humpbacks of 2011
posted last 3/31/2011
Whales’ Journey Through Local Waters No Fluke
posted last 1/12/2011
A whale-watching boom
posted last 10/24/2010