Los Angeles Whale Watching Tours -- Feel the Excitement!

Whale Watching in Los Angeles

What is it like on a Los Angeles whale watching tour? Imagine feeling the ocean breeze on your face and smelling the sea.  You look out over the water and see a massive whale breach the surface.  You see hundreds of dolphins jumping and playing.  A sea lion barks at you.  You don’t have to imagine any longer.  All you have to do is take a short drive for the best whale watching for Los Angeles California (located in Long Beach, CA), Harbor Breeze Cruises.

A Los Angeles whale watching cruise with Harbor Breeze means more than just seeing whales.  You will also get to learn more than you ever thought possible about blue whales, humpback whales, fin whales, gray whales, dolphins and sea lions.  That is because every Harbor Breeze cruise includes a biologist from the Aquarium of the Pacific.  That in addition to our expert staff means that if you have questions, you will get answers.  You will learn what they like to eat, how much they eat a day, why they migrate and their behaviors.

Los Angeles Whale Information

The Blue Whale migration has begun.  The Blue Whale is the largest animal on the planet with lengths of up to 100 feet and weights up to 150 tons.  Being able to see one of these beautiful and massive creatures up close will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Our LA Whale Watching tours are available Monday through Sunday with starting times at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. Depending on the season our tours take approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

Single tickets for 2 hour cruise-available typically from November to April:
Adults $35
Seniors (62 and over) $30
Children (ages 3-11) $25
Children (2 and under) FREE!

Group rates for 25 or more for 2 hour cruise
Adults $25
Seniors (62 and over) $20
Children (ages 3-11) $15
Children (2 and under) FREE!

If you would like to order your tickets online, Click Here or just give us a call at 562-432-4900.  If you have a discount coupon, please present it at the ticket booth.

Here is a quick reminder of a few things you might want to bring along for your next Southern California Whale Watching cruise.  You definitely want to bring a camera or video recorder.  Our ships have numerous observation points which are excellent for taking photos or video to show friends and family.  It is also a good idea to bring a sweatshirt, sweater or light jacket.  It does get a little cold on the water sometimes so it is always good to be prepared.  Come spend the day with us at Harbor Breeze Cruises, your source for Los Angeles Whale Watching.

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